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What is Golom?

The future of NFT Trading is here.
Golom (https://golom.io) is a NonFungible token marketplace powered by the Golom Protocol. Golom is on a mission to improve the liquidity of NFT markets by offering a decentralised, low cost exchange with most value going back to the users.
It offers:
  • A clean and easy-to-use interface for NFT trading.
  • 0.5% trading fee, 100% of which is shared back with users.
Trading Analytics:
  • Freely available built-in data analytics for NFT collections.
  • Activity tracking of NFT collections across all major exchanges.
  • Portfolio analysis of wallets: Get a detailed view of your PnL and holdings.
  • Track your wallets: Put in any address and get details of holdings & live activity tracking.
Trading Tools:
  • Fill orders across all major marketplaces directly from Golom
  • Trait-specific and collection-specific orders can be executed on https://golom.io
  • Rich filtering, sorting, rarity checking, and trait analysis in a few clicks.
  • Royalty is flexible, decided by the traders and not by https://golom.io
  • Bulk listings, private listings, and much more.

Enabling Liquidity:

  • As traders ,we recognise that the liquidity is the backbone of any marketplace and hence we have deeply integrated the leading marketplaces into our platform.
  • You can see other marketplace orders on Golom and fill them with a single click.
  • You can easily list and expose their NFTs on other platforms directly from Golom

About The Base Protocol

Golom Protocol is built using the most powerful and latest tech to optimise for speed and scalability.We use powerful infra to gather analytical insights to help you easily make the decision of buying or selling your precious NFTs. We have also implemented the latest on-chain standards ,like EIP712, for greater transparency of signatures.Golom Protocol orders are stored and publicly available on-chain in a decentralised way on Polygon indexed by signer’s address, collection address and token id.

Permissionless protocol

The Golom Protocol allows anyone in the NFT ecosystem to set up their own exchange. It has a native token which will be rewarded to users when they trade using it and to developers who will use the Golom protocol. These tokens can be staked to earn rewards from the fees generated by the protocol.

Efficient Smart Contracts

We have coded the trading contract from the ground up and have only included the most important features of the NFT marketplace, which are used 95% of the time. By doing so, our contracts use upto 40% less gas to execute trades. So users can enjoy both less gas fees and less platform fees when trading.

About The Token

Tokens earned by the traders on successful trades on the platform can be staked to earn rewards and the Tokenomics is uniquely designed to provide rewards for a long period with a fair token distribution that has no allocation to Golom team, insiders, or any VC.
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