Golom Docs


Q. Which type of NFTs I can trade on golom.io?
Answer : Golom indexes all ERC721 and ERC1155 collections in existence on the Ethereum blockchain, more chains will be launched soon but initially the plan is to focus on high volume collections on Golom (say top 100-300) where we provide deep analytics and data like show liquidity across multiple other platforms etc ,however the protocol will allow any NFT to be traded.
Q. What all wallets are supported?
Answer : Golom supports all types of wallet which support Ethereum blockchain
Q. What is the formula for calculating rarities ? Will the rarity match the rarity on other sites ?
Answer : The calculating of rarities is a mathematical formula that takes into account how unique a particular trait is among the whole pool . It doesn't take into account how the particular token looks in aesthetics . On the Question of if our rarities will match rarities on other sites since the basic formula is same usually the rarities match . if a site decides to give importance to particular extra characteristics then small deviation can be there ,(like we did for number of unique colors in mekaverse nfts ) . This deviation will be small because 90% of the traits are definitive and will be same .
Q. How can I become part of the Golom community?
Answer : Golom has an active discord server where lots of traders share insights and discuss about the project ,you are welcome to join our community :- Discord : https://discord.gg/VfjmNDRxPQ Twitter : https://twitter.com/golom_io
Q. How will Golom distribute the tokens on launch? I want to know more about the Tokenomics. Where can I see ?
Answer : Golom will be doing an Airdrop to traders who meet certain expectations along with a month log genesis period where early users will be rewarded a certain % of the supply as genesis rewards ,please head to GOLOM Tokenomicsto get the complete details about Tokenomics.
Q. Where can I see development updates?
Answer : All the development updates are available at #dev-updates on our discord server.
Q.Are all NFTs visible with a buy-now option are charged 0.5% fee?
Answer: We have integrated other marketplace listings as well on Golom but only when you buy a Golom listed NFT ,0.5% fee is applicable. Integrated listings from other platforms will have fee as per the policy of that particular platform