Golom Docs

Community First

Core values behind Golom
Being NFT holders and traders ourselves for a long time now, we have been using a lot of tools and tricks to get the best information and analytics for trading and it didn't take us long to decide to build a platform that could help the entire community where everyone can use the best in class platform for NFT trading. Everything we are doing and will do while building the platform will be done keeping the community first mindset that helps everyone in the community and not a limited set of users, after all Web3 is all about making everyone win without caring about their background or abilities.We are core believers of the fact that in web3.O era users must be empowered to take full control of their NFT trades. Users should have the ability to decide what fees they want to pay when they trade, they should have the ability to decide how much royalty they want pay ,they should have the ability to decide how much incentive they want to pay to referrers that help their order get filled, and not a centralised exchange deciding on behalf of the users in the interest of it's own benefit.
The platform token $GOLOM has a tokenomics that doesn't benefit the initial team, marketers or VCs. It has a very straight forward distribution with 100% allocation to the community , 100% of the fees earned as trading commission goes to the token stakers , other exchanges can use Golom's contracts to enable trading and earn rewards. Golom will rely completely on the community to promote the platform, we are working hard to build a mean machine for NFT trading and we believe that once the platform is able to earn the trust of the community, the community will take care of everything else and we shouldn't need a centralised body to decide what is good or bad for the platform.