Golom Docs

Aggregated Liquidity

Golom Protocol orders are stored on-chain in a decentralised way on Polygon indexed by signer’s address, collection address and token id. It allows traders of NFTs to submit signed orders cheaply even without using any frontends/exchanges. Exchanges are also incentivised with $GOLOM token emissions if they are able to get users to use their exchange by providing good experiences and contribute fees to the Golom Protocol.
Benefits to pushing orders on polygon (why exchanges using Golom Protocol should push orders on polygon)
  • Indexing of orders on a public chain allows easy access of liquidity for other aggregators/marketplaces leading to more chance of filling orders and more revenue for exchange.
  • It will attract more users as users want their orders to have more reach.
  • Cost of pushing an order is in cents($0.01).
golom.io is the first exchange to use Golom Protocol