Golom Docs

NFT Trading Analytics

We know how important it is to have information at finger tips that helps in the trade decisions. We got tired of finding info manually so we built a platform instead that can help every NFT trader

1.Portfolio Analytics

Check any wallet's portfolio, it's current value , realised gains and more such info :-
  • Items minted/bought/received in a collection by the wallet address or .eth domain
  • Items sold/sent by the wallet
  • Estimated value of wallet's current holding
  • Realised gains

2.Trait Analysis

  • Check trait wise floor of 300+ collections
  • Check the lowest listing of each trait
  • Check the number of listings of each trait
  • Check the past 7 days sales of each traits

3.Ranked Collections

  • Check rarity ranks
  • Filtering by price range and rank range
  • See combined liquidity from all marketplaces on Golom and fill order directly
  • List Items on other marketplaces directly

4.Collection Analytics

  • Check the top minters
  • Check the top holders
  • Check the top 7 day active address activity
  • Check Price Depth (How much to buy till floor = X eth)
  • Price, Floor, Volume graphs against time
  • Rarity Distribution( Distribution of rarities against TokenID)

5.Transactions Filters & Sorting

  • Filter by wallet address
  • Sort by price
  • Sort by type, mint, transfers, sale, listings
  • Bulk listing & bulk transfers
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