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GOLOM Airdrop

Airdropping 15% of GOLOM token supply (i.e 150,000,000 tokens ) to the NFT trading community.
GOLOM Airdrop
150,000,000 tokens i.e 15% of the GOLOM supply is available to claim by active NFT traders of Opensea, LookRare and X2Y2 who meet a certain volume criteria within a certain time frame.


Who is eligible for the GOLOM Airdrop ?

NFT Traders with more than 10 ETH in volume from Ethereum Block 13916166 (Jan-01-2022 12:00:03 AM +UTC) until Ethereum Block 15053225 (Jun-30-2022 11:59:28 PM +UTC) will be eligible for the Airdrop. Volume on Ethereum blockchain is considered ,but layer 2 volumes are not considered. The volume considered here includes buy and sell trades on Opensea, LooksRare & X2Y2 made in ETH & WETH only. Below is the table that shows the eligible GOLOM tokens tiers in the Airdrop against the volume done by traders:
GOLOM token Airdrop per wallet
Also, If the users have traded on more than one of the above mentioned platforms, the reward will be multiplied by the number of platforms on which he has traded. For example:
Trader Profile
Traded on
Airdrop Amt
Trader 1
Only One Platform (OS or LR or X2Y2)
Trader 2
Mix of Any Two Platforms
2 x 500=1000
Trader 3
All of The Three Platforms
3 x 500=1500

Checking Airdrop

How to check if you received the GOLOM Airdrop?

First thing first, the GOLOM Airdrop is only available on https://golom.io and available to claim until 2 months from the date of Airdrop. Please don't use any other platform or link posted online by scammers
Now, to check your GOLOM Airdrop :
1.Go to https://golom.io click on "check now" on the Airdrop banner. 2.Now click on "Connect wallet" and connect your wallet. 3.Your eligibility along with the GOLOM token amount will be confirmed and displayed.
If you are not seeing your tokens and think you are eligible for the Airdrop, make sure you are connected to the right wallet.Claiming

How to claim your GOLOM Airdrop?

  1. 1.
    If you are eligible for the Airdrop ,list at-least one NFT on Golom to be able to proceed for claim.
  2. 2.
    Click on "List an Item." You will be redirected to your portfolio page from where you can select and list any NFT.
  3. 3.
    Once you have successfully listed at least 1 NFT on Golom, you can claim the Airdrop by going back to the Airdrop page. You will be given 2 options to claim the Airdrop:

Your Claiming Options

Airdrop recipient have two choices to claim the Airdrop:
  • Option 1 : You can claim 20% of your allocation as unlocked GOLOM tokens while the rest will be burnt.
  • Option 2 : (Recommended) You can claim full allocation as veGOLOM NFTs with a 4 year vesting period and start earning daily rewards.


Opting for Option 2 allows you to claim GOLOM tokens as veGOLOM, holders of veGOLOM are entitled to earn staking rewards from:
GOLOM emissions: Staking lets you earn from daily GOLOM emissions.
Platform fee: 100% of the platform fee is shared with GOLOM stakers.
veGOLOM NFTs are tokenized locked positions of GOLOM that are transferable and can be sold just like any other NFT.
Read More here - Staking RewardsBroken link


Until when can I claim the the GOLOM Airdrop?

Airdrop tokens are available to claim until 2 months from the date of Airdrop , after which all unclaimed tokens will be burned.
This Airdrop will give active traders a kick start while they trade on Golom.And just because we feel we didn’t stress it enough. Those of you who are not eligible for the Airdrop, don’t buy GOLOM, earn them by trading on Golom!!

Airdrop FAQs

What is $GOLOM?

GOLOM is a utility token of Golom protocol, which you earn when you trade on https://golom.io or on any other exchange powered by Golom protocol. GOLOM token has no intrinsic value of its own but staking it makes you eligible to earn rewards.

Was there any GOLOM token sale in the past?

No, It wasn’t sold to anyone in the past, nor is there a team allocation. It has a very straightforward distribution with 100% allocation to the community, learn more - GOLOM Tokenomics

Are Golom smart contracts audited?

Yes, Golom smart contracts are audited via bounty programs including Golom code4rena security audit contest along with leading blockchain devs.
Dive deep into the protocol, visit the GitHub repository - https://github.com/golom-protocol
GOLOM Token contract- GOLOM Trading contract- GOLOM Reward distributor-

What’s next after claiming the Airdrop ?

Claiming the Airdrop in the form veGOLOM tokens will allow you to get the fee rebate along with earning inflationary unlocked GOLOM token rewards.Holding veGOLOM also gives you the voting power enabling you to contribute in shaping the future of decentralised NFT trading. And if you claim the Airdrop as unlocked GOLOM tokens you can also sell them to anyone who is looking to benefit from fee rebate via staking GOLOM as veGOLOM.

Can I trade my veGOLOM tokens?

Absolutely, veGOLOM tokens are locked positions in the form of NFTs and can be transferred and traded just like any other NFT. Once there is significant volume on Golom , the demand of veGOLOM shall increase as holding it will let you earn emissions and the fee generated by the platform.

What will happen with unclaimed Airdrop tokens?

Once the claim period is over, unclaimed GOLOM tokens will be burnt