Golom Docs

Listing your NFT

Users can list their NFTs in just a few clicks, once the wallet is connected users can choose which NFT they want to list at what price and choose the royalty from the slab.
1.Individual NFTs -
Step 1
Once your wallet is connected, click on it and select "Account" or click on "Portfolio"
Step 2
On the next page you will be able to see all the NFTs available in your wallet including a PnL statement (abstracted from blockchain of your wallet)
Step 3
Click on the "wallet" option which is at the end of each line item on the choice of your NFT from that collection that you wish to list on golom.io and you will be directed to your NFTs from that collection. Now click on the NFT that you wish to list on golom.io and you will be able to see "List this NFT" option.
Step 4
This is the final step where you will be setting the listing price and creator royalty based on your choice from the slab available, once you fill them just click on "Approve golom contract" .
Step 5 Once you click on "Approve golom contract", you need to confirm the transaction on your Metamask wallet (or the wallet which you used to connect with Golom)
Upon confirming you will see "List now" option at the same place of "Approve golom contract". Click on "List Now"
Then sign the transaction on your wallet (click the down arrow just above sign button to enable signing)
And done, your NFT is now listed on golom.io