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Trading, Staking and Exchange Rewards


Stakers are rewarded based on how long they stake their GOLOM as veGOLOM, which proves their long term alignment and disincentives farm and dump mercenary capital. Staking rewards are of two type:- From Emissions -
Stakers get inflationary rewards as unlocked Golom which ensures they are never diluted by emissions.
Staking Reward from Daily Emissions =
[in GOLOM]
e= Total Daily emission of $GOLOM tokens as per Emissions a = GOLOM tokens locked as veGOLOM b = Total supply of GOLOM and locked GOLOM as veGOLOM
From Platform Fees-
100% of platform fees is distributed to stakers on pro-rata basis their staking power as following-.
Staking Rewards from Platform Fee = (total platform fee of a day) x
[in ETH]
Where :
p = Staking power of the user
P= Staking power of all the users on the platform

Total Staking Rewards = Emissions Rewards (GOLOM) + Platform fee Rewards (ETH)


Once the daily rewards for stakers are distributed from the daily emissions of GOLOM tokens , 67% of the remaining emitted GOLOM tokens are allocated to the traders on pro rata basis of their trade volumes.
Trading reward [GOLOM] =
Where : t = Daily emission - staking rewards of the day


Exchanges who use Golom protocol's contracts to enable NFT trading on their platforms get 33% of the daily emission minus the staking rewards pro-rata based on their contributions to the daily protocol fees.
Exchanges rewards [GOLOM] =
Where : t = Daily emission - staking rewards of the day
golom.io - The first exchange to use Golom protocol will earn it's revenue from exchange rewards and these $GOLOM rewards will be automatically staked in the protocol.
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