Golom Docs

Staking Rewards

Benefits of staking GOLOM tokens
You Earn Emissions: If you stake GOLOM tokens, you get inflationary rewards as unlocked GOLOM, which ensures you are never diluted by the emissions.
Staking Reward from Daily Emissions =
[These rewards are in GOLOM]
e= Total daily emission of GOLOM tokens as per GOLOM Emissions a =Total staked GOLOM tokens as veGOLOM b = GOLOM circulating supply
You Earn Fee Rebate: If you stake GOLOM, you are also eligible to claim your share from the daily fee generated by Golom Protocol.
100% of the fee collected from the traders is distributed to the stakers of GOLOM tokens on a pro-rata basis according to their staking power as following:
Staking rewards from platform fee = (total platform fee of a day) x
[These rewards are in ETH]
Where :
p = Staking power of the user
P= Staking power of all the users on the platform

Total staking rewards = Emissions rewards (GOLOM) + Platform fee rewards (ETH)