Golom Docs

Staking Power

The why's & how's of Staking
1 GOLOM locked for 4 years = 1.00 veGOLOM staking power
1 GOLOM locked for 3 years = 0.75 veGOLOM staking power
1 GOLOM locked for 2 years = 0.50 veGOLOM staking power
1 GOLOM locked for 1 years = 0.25 veGOLOM staking power
Tokens locked for 4 years will have the highest staking power and will earn the highest daily rewards while reward for tokens locked only for 1 year will be 25% of 4 year locked tokens.
veGOLOM locks are NFTs
Tokenizing the lock position allows a single address to own more than one lock, locks balances are cumulative and each lock contributes to the overall veGOLOM balance.
This further allows locks to be traded on secondary markets, as well as allows participants to borrow against their locks in future lending market places.

Staking GOLOM as NFT gives the following reward in proportion to the staking power:

1.Inflationary Golom rewards: A Proportion of daily emission is allocated to stakers such that stakers are not diluted.
2.Protocol Fee: All the protocol fee is distributed to stakers pro-rata to their staking power.